Harness the power of data across your organization

KORE ProSports DWA™ is the latest product from KORE Software, expanding our industry-leading line of software modules to meet the ever-growing team needs for data warehousing, analysis and fan engagement.

Features and Benefits of the KORE ProSports DWA™ Module

Traditional data warehouses often languish in complexity and lack of organizational access, requiring significant technical investment without the benefits being shared across business units. KORE takes a different approach, leveraging our industry-leading CRM and data integration experience to create a platform that simplifies design, minimizing custom development and maximizes accessibility, allowing teams to focus resources on using their data, not trying to aggregate it. KORE ProSports DWATM provides a wide range of benefits:

For the Data Strategy Team

  • One-Stop Shopping: Eliminates jumping back and forth between multiple data sources – everything is available in one place.
  • Interactive Insights: Through a partnership with Tableau Software, the technology leader in data visualizations, DWA will come with a range of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for all levels of staff. These can also be extended and enhanced through easy-to-use Tableau report building utilities.
  • KORE Key Identity System: Regardless of the source, DWA will create a new KORE Key identity record for all fans, both known and anonymous. This identity will grow as that fan expands their interaction with the team, merging with identity records from other channels based on matching logic.
  • Multi-Perspective Analysis: By combining multiple data sources, trends and analysis can be driven from many angles, such as season, event, audience, campaign and more.

For the Sales & Service Teams

  • 360-Degree Fan Perspective: Each customer-centric data source added to DWA is an opportunity to analyze and provide more relevant information to your staff when interacting with any customer or prospect, with this data being displayed in simple, easy-to-interpret charts and tables.
  • Improved Lead Generation and Identification: With more sources and integration comes more opportunity to feed qualified leads directly into the hands of your sales staff.
  • Elevated CRM Experience: For customers using the KORE ProSports Ticketing, Suites & Premium, or Sponsorship modules, the seamless integration between CRM and DWA will allow data-driven insights to be actionable as part of your everyday sales and service experience.

For the Technology Team

  • Data Source Management: KORE is partnering with several best-of-breed platforms across mobile, social, ticketing, research, point of sale and more, all of which come with pre-built schemas and integration processes. However, if the team chooses to work with other data providers, additional schemas can be built and managed via KORE Professional Services during implementation.
  • Live and Offline Integration: DWA provides multiple methods for integration, from Web Services that can extract data in near real-time to offline or schedule-based file imports for legacy systems or ad-hoc data sources.
  • Security and Performance: Our robust cloud infrastructure allows you to have a high-availability warehouse without the need to manage additional database and application servers.

For Executive Management

  • Answers at a Glance: Have an instant snapshot of the organizations performance wherever you are, and drill down into as much detail as you like, without waiting for staff to create one-off reports.
  • Backward and Forward Thinking: Integration and aggregation of all key sources will drive the most thorough year-over-year insights across the organization and lead to more accurate forecasting of future results.

For the Marketing Team

  • Smarter Segmentation: Identify the right audiences for the right campaigns, regardless of the source platform, by using a unified audience of your fans.
  • Channel Optimization: Aggregation of data across channels will identify key trends that can be leverage for improved marketing campaigns and communication strategies. Additionally, this combined data can be selectively delivered back to the source marketing channels for increased personalization and engagement opportunities.